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Based in Incheon, South Korea, DTS Rollers Co., Ltd. holds the original patent. Since 2009, we specialize in the highest quality meso rollers, beauty supplies, and medical equipment related to the skin. Our vision is to help you not only look better, but to feel better about yourself. We will help you have more young, elastic, beautiful skin. 

Since micro needling  became popular years ago, there have been many companies trying to imitate or emulate the design and produce their own, cheaper versions. It is not wise to go with cheap imitations. In addition, “DTS®” offers “Wellsi” face massage roller and “Magic Foot” foot files. We endeavor to have the best company to help you have more young and beautiful skin. Download PDF Brochure Here.


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Our microneedle rollers have a patented, unique design that incorporates a single disc with 60 needles on each disc, six discs to a unit. Needles have a triangular head which greatly reduces pain. Each disc is a single piece, whereas other, cheap imitations are a construction of a disc, with round headed needles glued in place. More… painless_roller_redone


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Our callus removers have been a world-wide best seller for years. Simple, sturdy, and they work well in the shower or bath. Our patented blade design, platinum etched in stainless steel, provides an excellent, but safe way to remove calluses. Available in various handle shapes. More…

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